Precision Farming Overview

Drones have a great number of potential uses, and precision agriculture is one of their greatest uses. You can use something called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV to get exactly the kind of precision in your farming that you want.

This is because an agriculture UAV, which are also known as farm drones, can hover much better than any other vehicle so you can spread pesticides and other needed materials exactly where you need them and nowhere else. The problem with using something like a traditional airplane for this is that traditional airplanes tend to have to keep moving in straight lines. You have to plan waves of spreading pesticide or water or other nutrients ahead of time in perfectly straight lines to correspond with the distribution pattern from a plane that has to keep moving completely straight forward.

Additionally, if there’s any kind of other problem such as a mountain that’s too tall or some other obstruction, you may not be able to cover everything with a plane since a plane will have to pull up at the last second in order to avoid the obstruction.

Helicopters tend to put out so much disturbed air that it can also be really difficult to use them for this type of farm work as well. The advantage with a UAV is that you can get the spread exactly where you want it.

You can have the drone move in to a particular area, hover there, and then drop whatever it is you want in the exact area. Because it often has more room on-board due to not having a driver. You can also often store more of whatever substance you need which can also be a great money saver in terms of getting what you want to go in the right area without spending too much.

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