Surprising Uses for Drones

Drones are used in a variety of interesting areas these days. Here are a few that might surprise you.


Agriculture drones are used in many farms these days. This is because of the fact that agriculture UAV units are just easier to use when they are compared against trying to use a full workforce comprised of people. And also because nowadays, you can get tools like this and other electronic gadgets for home and farm use for a lot lower price than they used to be. Especially if you buy them online in sites like

Farm drones can cover a lot more ground than people can. They are ideal for precision agriculture where you need to hit particular parts of the farmland with a high degree of accuracy.

Agricultural drones


Finding the right rocks for the right job can be difficult. But having drones do it can be a lot easier since they can cover a lot of ground even in dangerous areas very quickly without the need to worry about any loss of human lives to accidents due to the difficult nature of the surveying.

A drone was released to monitor the activity of a volcano.

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There are plenty of areas left on Earth that are quite difficult to map. The advantage of using drones is that you can find these areas and fully map them without having to go there yourself. For example, if you want to map out the tops of mountains, using a human team to do that, even if the human team is using an airplane or a helicopter, can be very dangerous. See more about data mapping and photogrammetry software.

Drones Used for Archeological Mapping

As a result, using remote drones to get it done is usually considerably safer and it can save a lot of time since you can always switch drone pilots so that the drone can go further and further in a straight line than a human pilot ever would need to since a human pilot would have to sleep.

Overall, drones are going to be used in a surprising number of ways in the near future and it’s a good idea to stay on top of what they are capable of doing.